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We lost my dad on Tuesday. My whole world shattered.

May. 9th, 2017

Sorry, guys. It is almost Mother's Day so I am crazy busy at work and it is my son's bday Thursday. I will catch up soon!

Hey, all. I know some of my friends here like LulaRoe. I'm having an online popup tomorrow night on Facebook! Would anyone be interested? Help me earn some free stuff, I have spent enough on LLR. Hahavaa

Obsessed with fashion

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with fashion. It sucks bc we are broke. I seriously should just chop up my credit card. I paid for two more pair of LLR leggings today and will pick them up tomorrow. Plus I will get something free bc my punch card is full now.

When we were in Green Bay, I really, really wanted these shoes but Sean said no. Haha. Glad he did bc the whole site was 30% off today so I just ordered them. I cannot express how much I love them!

It just feels so freaking good to dress up and feel good. I had been just wearing my maternity jeans for real. Now I'm in dresses, leggings, skirts. Makes me feel really good.

I also am now obsessed all over again with necklaces. I bought an awesome long one that had skulls, keys, hearts, etc. I love it.

I'm hoping Sean won't work tmrw due to rain so we can work on things around this house.

Aside from being broke, I am just in a really good spot right now.

Green Bay trip

Where do I begin?

Our room was much nicer than expected.

Cut for sexy talk so don't click if you don't want to read it.

cut for sexy talkCollapse )

Anyway. The show was great. Not only was Jim Gaffig an hilarious but there was a guy before him too. I cried I laughed so hard.

Today we did a shit ton if shopping. Clothes for all four of us, a new backpack (Super Mario) for Calvin, toys for them, belts and a necklace for me, all kinds of stuff.

Calvin has slept at my mom's many times but this was Ayla's first. She did great. We didn't get home until after 9 tonight. I missed them so much.

Unfortunately we didn't see the creepy clown that has been walking around Green Bay.

New lifestyle mix

I had it in my mind to try my hardest not to talk about Thrive in here but it is a passion and my job...and this is MY journal. With that said, keep that in mind. Do not ever think I am trying to sell to you bc I am not.

So they came out with a new lifestyle mix flavor. Apple Pie. I was leary, thought it sounded icky but HAD to have it bc as a promoter, I feel I should try new things. I love it! Tastes like apple and cinnamon oatmeal!

Apple Pie lifestyle mix....two thumbs up! 🖒🖒

The training today was fantastic and I am so glad I was able to go. Escanaba is over an hour from here so that is a big deal for a mom who cannot ever get away from her kids. And guess what, I am doing it again tomorrow! We are having a local. Should be fun. Then the vendor thing on Wednesday here in Mqt.

I am trying my hardest not to LLR shop this week. I was invited to a pop up here on Wednesday but I have that event. I am invited to one on Sunday too tho so we shall see.

Jul. 23rd, 2016

Pretty sure I need to get a job to support my Lula Roe habit. Ha!

My broken tooth is giving me so much shit. I am in constant pain. I don't have an appointment until Sept 6 so I might have to call Monday to see if they will take me sooner. Pretty sure it is abscessed so I mean....that is a "dental emergency" then, right?

Had a Thrive After 5 event today. It was such a gorgeous day tho so we didn't have a very good turn out.

Tomorrow I am planning on us going to the beach and then to the races (my brothwr races a late model) so we shall see.

I'll leave you with this, probably my favorite 2 pieces of LLR. I freaking love the Classic tee.

My kids are driving me crazy. Haha. Ready for school to start...
Things are really, really good and I'm really happy.

I do mean to update and I actually made it one of my goals to write at least 3 times a week in here.

Thriving for 6 months now and I couldn't imagine my life without it. The hubby has been doing it for 4 months and our relationship is so much better. No more fighting. We are always laughing and playing, sex is better. EVERYTHING IS BETTER.

Summer vacation. Man, my 6 year old is CRAZY. I do love having him home but he can sure try hard to drive me absolutely bonkers!

The other one, she is a little spitfire too. So full of energy. She climbs everything and is afraid of nothing.

More later with pictures. I promise. I just gotta go pick up my kid and go shopping and after I get them to bed, I'll get back on here. :) :)

I got nothin.

Today was day 6 of the 21 Day Fix. Doing really well on it. I havent been too sad about not gwtting to eat what I want. I enjoy the workouts and I'm losing weight.

A very merry unbirthday to you, to you! Baby Girl is 18 months today!

Took this picture yesterday. Dressed her up since she turned 18 months. Half birthdays are exciting (and sad) when they are little.


And this was today before tball practice. It's still wet out ao they were at the ice arena again today. Sean helped out a lot there today. Sounds like he is going to sign the paperwork so he can be out on the field helping. He also bought himself a new glove. Before Thrive, Sean wasn't like this. I mean, before we had Ayla, Calvin was his best friend and he spoiled him so much? But when you have a second kid, things change. We arw both working on it and I am glad they have tball to do together.

Here is something super exciting. Our ice arena is now in the final two for Hockeyville USA. If we win. Our arena gets $150,000 in upgrades and will host a preseadon NHL game. That would be so amazing!

I don't know if I ever poated about it but I finally got my car back on Monday. $450 later. Ugh. Plus $125 towing charges. It better run great for a long time now. Oh well, just gotta work on that autobonus, right?

Speaking of which, I have really been enjoying hearing qhat my friends and family have to say about Thrive. Seriously, everyone should feel this good.

I hope I do really good with the Fix. I have a lot olanned forbthe summer. We totally enjoyed hiking and going to the beach last year but I got so big over the winter. Feeling great and seeing results in just 6 days so far tho so that rocks. Interested to see what I weigh Monday for my actual one week in total.

Stronger every day.